Valspar Low 3.5 VOC solvent basecoat ( LVB100 Series)

Valspar Low VOC system provides an environmentally friendly and economical solution.  The LVBR100 Low VOC Basecoat Series is an Economical friendly, high performance solvent basecoat featuring outstanding dry times, excellent metallic control and optimum reparability.


1 LVB100 Series 3.5 B/C color + 1 LVB100 Reducer* + (optional: add 1% Max of HPC2 Activator per sprayable quart for enhanced performance)

*LVBF100  - Fast Reducer
*LVBM100 - Medium Reducer
*LVBS100  - Slow Reducer

Drying Schedule:

Dust Free:
10 minutes
Tape Free:
20-30 minutes
To Apply Clearcoat:
20-30 minutes

If basecoat is allowed to dry more than 48 hours before clearcoating, scuff and respray basecoat.

Pot Life:  @ 77ºF (25ºC) - When properly covered, LVBR100 Series Base will maintain a sprayable viscosity indefinitely. With HPC2, 2 hour pot life.


Valspar SPRALAC 2.8 VOC  Polyurethane (SP150 Series)

Valspar SPRALAC (SP150) is a cost effective polyurethane enamel to give outstanding gloss, depth, chemical resistance, and durability.


4 Parts SP150 Color + 1 Part SPA150 (Polyurethane Hardener) + up to 25% Reducer (X01, X02, LVB Series Reducer)


Drying Schedule:

Tack Free: 2 hours

Tape Free: 6 hours

To Recoat: Overnight


Pot Life: 2-3 hours @ 77F (25C)