OEM Auto Paints

COVID-19 Update



April 27, 2020

Until further notice. To increase social distancing, customers need to drop off paint samples and no longer wait on premises.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we need to take steps for customer and employee safety.



April 13, 2020

We temporarily changed the hours of operation for ALL store locations.  Please call your local store for hours.



April 10, 2020

Effective immediately and until further notice customers will not be permitted to enter the facility without face covering as required by law.



March 27, 2020


Dear customers,


The Department of Homeland Security has designated auto repair facilities and auto parts suppliers as critical infrastructure industries, which serves as a guideline for local and state governments as they establish requirements within their own communities to balance safety and wellness with the critical need to ensure essential businesses and individuals have access to repairs, parts, and supplies needed to ensure critically needed trasnportation.


We will continue to provide a range of automotive services.  We are required and maintain appropriate social distancing when helping customers. 

As additional measure to help decrease time in store and reduce physical contact, we are encouraging customers to place orders by phone or via email for curbside pickup.

We have also temporary limited the number of customers in store. 

We remain committed to our whole ecosystem and will continue to evolve as we manage our way through the coming weeks.  What we are doing for our customers:

Importantly, we are urging OEM Auto Paint Supplies customers to stay home and seek immediate medical attention if they are or become sick, for any reason at all.

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