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ZeroRust is a direct metal phenolic modified alkyd rust and corrosion control a coating, which puts down an impermeable rust proofing barrier at the steel level. ZeroRust has two superior traits (1) it provides maximum adhesion to steel or maximum rust prevention - this is called chemical affinity. (2) Its dielectric ability is extraordinary - steel is isolated from the electrolysis process, which converts steel to rust. (In laymen's terms, this rust prevention starves the oxygen from the substrate, preventing oxidation.) Zero Rust makes an excellent Original Equipment Manufacturer “OEM” coating and is routinely used on new trailers, new structural steel, new oilfield wellheads & manifolds, new mining equipment, new pump & manifold systems, new power generation skids and new tanks. Zero Rust can give your products the rust protection and prevent rust from appearing again.

Zero-Rust rust protection performance exceeds that of commonly used red oxide, DTM Acrylics, water-borne alkyds and epoxies on these types of surfaces. ZeroRust rust protection performance has been confirmed by industrial, commercial and marine industry. Black and Red Oxide Zero-Rust are recommended as the primers for corrosive services -- including marine, coastal and industrial surfaces. The effectiveness of Zero-Rust on bare steel surfaces is optimized at 2.5 to 3.0 mils d.f.t. over profile. Rule of thumb: Zero-Rust should provide five years of rust protection for every a mil d.f.t. With the addition of a topcoat or a thicker film of Zero-Rust to take the ultraviolet rays, sealing protection can easily double.

The major difference between Zero-Rust and conventional primers is that conventional primers do not increase their ability to control rust with thicker dry film. For most applications we recommend using 3-4 mils dry film thickness over profile (230-290 square feet per gallon recommended foe 3-4 mils), which is achieved with 2 or 3 spray passes of Zero-Rust across the profile of the surface. For corrosive services, we recommend 5-6 mil DFT using the Black or Red-Oxide formulations applied in 2-4 spray passes.  ZeroRust is free of the normal carcinogens found in high performance epoxies and urethanes. Zero-Rust is the perfect rust protection system for the environmentally concerned and those concerned with improving application personnel health safety.

Zero Rust exceeded 2000 hours at 3.5 mils d.f.t. (dry film thickness) in the ASTM-Bl17 salt spray tests. This was previously unheard of in an air-dry coating. 

Application with airless spray equipment requires no thinning and can be done directly from the can.

Because Zero Rust is heavy bodied, thinning is required for siphon gun application. A reduction of 15-20% with xylene is typical. Recommended thinners are xylene, lacquer thinner, acetone, and acrylic enamel reducer. Do not use mineral spirits or VMP Naptha for thinning. Application with airless spray equipment requires no thinning and can be done directly from the can. (A thinner may be required at temperatures below 60 degrees.) When using a brush or roller, thin to suit.

Mix well before using. Apply with spray, brush, or roller. Zero Rust is a high-solids product with 54% solids by volume. This means that 2 mils of wet film yields 1 mil of dry film after solvent evaporation. If thinned before applying, additional wet film thickness must be applied.

For best results apply a minimum of two coats, using a crisscross pattern from one coat to the next to help preclude holidays (pin holes) and thin spots. The first coat should be about 3 mils wet (1.5 mils dry). To assure adequate coverage, an easy visual barometer is to use two dissimilar colors for the first and second coats-i.e., a coat of red oxide followed by enough of the final color to hide the red oxide. Allow adequate time between coats for flash off; 20 to 30 minutes is typical. NOTE: Red oxide and black are the best for sealing. We recommend using either of these colors as the first coat.
Do not apply too heavily, and allow adequate flash off time between coats. (20 to 30 minutes is the minimum flash off time between coats).

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